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funeral etiquette

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Planning a funeral can be a difficult process. Even people who are usually well organised may find this challenging so we have provided you with a detailed checklist and guide on what you need to do to arrange a funeral.

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In this guide, we cover the traditional etiquettes for funerals in the UK from what is expected before a service as well as what usually happens afterwards. We look at both sides of the occasion from the perspective of those arranging, and those who are attending, a funeral in Britain.

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We discuss the etiquette of funeral cars and address the accepted order of who travels in which car. We also look at the types of funeral cars and processions that are commonly used here in the UK as well other things to consider when organising a funeral car.

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In this guide, we take a look at what happens before, during and after a cremation service as well as answering some common questions about the cremation process. We also give you some information about the collection of the ashes.