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Advice & Information on funerals, burials, cremations, wills, inheritance and death-related subjects


Scattering ashes in beauty spot

We take a look at the regulations in the UK for scattering ashes and cover some of the most popular ways to scatter a loved ones’ ashes.

Old photo album filled with memories with old photographs

We take a look at exactly what a direct cremation is, what it involves, including the process, and how to organise one plus look at some of the reasons why people choose this method of funeral including celebrities like David Bowie and John Lennon.

Open book amongst leaves

Planning a funeral can be a difficult process. Even people who are usually well organised may find this challenging so we have provided you with a detailed checklist and guide on what you need to do to arrange a funeral.

Draw full of memories and photos

We look at some of the more unusual and creative ideas for what to do with a loved ones’ ashes including some unique memorials and alternatives to traditional urns for storage.

A lit candle with red funeral flowers

In this guide, we take a look at what happens before, during and after a cremation service as well as answering some common questions about the cremation process. We also give you some information about the collection of the ashes.

Wicker coffin adorned with flowers

In this guide, we provide answers to common questions about what happens to the coffin during cremation as well as the guidelines around the construction of a coffin for cremation.